First Convenience Bank

First Convenience Bank charged me 20 overdraft fees of $34.97 in the amount of $699.00 in one day.I had a deposit of $451 and another for $125 as well as two deposits of $20 a credit for $7.51 and a direct deposit for $203 and $11.70.

As stated above I had plenty funds in my account. I called the number on the the back of my debit card to check the balance of my account and the entire weekend up until Monday, February 23, 2009. Each time I called I had a positive balance and I checked to see if my transactions had gone through and the bank took the funds out for my transactions.

However, on Tuesday, February 24, 2009, I called to check the status of my account and I was in the negative $199.00. I went to the bank to get a print out and in between the time it took to get to the bank, it went to a negative $429 and by the end of the night the negative balance was $699.

The automated system listed each item that was paid and my remaining balance after the transactions and everything was fine. However, when I went to the bank it was a different story.

They told me that my account went into the negative and I was charged for every transaction after the negative balance. However, the paperwork reflected that my account was positive and it went into the negative when the charged the first insufficient charges and it went down hill from there. I told them I called and what I was told my balance was and it showed on the paper work, but they refused to fix my account.

After talking for a hour the representative at the bank called her district manager and she agreed to only refund $200. The branch manager walked in during our conversation and he told me he could only give me $100 and he couldn't go over what his district manager said.

After looking over my statement, it was discovered that the bank charged me four negative account balance of $2.49 per day prior to the over draft charges. My account wouldn't have gone into the negative if they wouldn't have charged me these fees as well as the other overdraft fees.

I was told when I two months after I opened my account that I only had a $100 in overdraft protection. However, today I was told that I have $700 in overdraft protection because my check is direct deposited into my account and it's $2000. I was told that because my direct deposits is so large I was allowed the max in overdraft protection. Prior to today, I had never heard any of this and the other fees because the lack of knowledge thereof.

The bank has taken all of my money that was deposited into my account from my job for my travel and for the credits to my account.

The sad part about the situation is I lost my job today and my last check will be posted to my account this week and First Convenience Bank has taken my money.

I don't know if I'll get any resolve about this situation, but I feel good knowing that someone will listen to me. I closed my savings account today, but I can't close my checking account because it's in the negative and my check won't post until February 28, 2009.

I just moved here from out of state and I need to go home this weekend, but I can't because the bank has taken all of my money. I also have to close my account out on Saturday. This is the worst experience of my life and why do I have to pay for a mistake on behalf of the bank.

The bank was holding up my purchases and direct deposits until it was at a negative, then posting an overdraft fee.

I asked them how could I have made all of those purchases and my account was in the negative. They couldn't explain that. I told them there's no way humanly positive I could swipe my card 20 times with a negative balance.

To my understanding, if your account is in the negative the card will decline the purchase.

Please help me or help the next person from becoming a victim. First Convenience say they cater to the customers, but if charging 20 overdraft fees in the total of $699, I don't want or need your service.

Offender: First Convenience Bank
Country: USA   State: All USA

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