Extreme Acai Berry
Unauthorized billing

I saw on Oprah about acai berry and all of the benefits to your body! SO I went on-line to search for it and found a free trial! YAY!! COOL! And then I ordered it, and waited for two weeks and two days. I ordered it Oct. 16, 2008. It wasn't shipped from Florida until Oct. 27, 2008. I received it today (Nov. 3). I looked on my bank statement and I was charged $118.86 from someone I didn't even know! I also received a letter in it saying that if I didn't cancel my subscription to extreme acai berry in fourteen days of it being ordered, that they would charge me $89.31. They shipped it, giving it two days from the time that I needed to cancel the subscription. I received it Nov. 3, 6 days AFTER I had the option to cancel. On my bank statement it said that I was charged on my credit card for $118.89 from 'YOUR VIP FIT.' What the heck is a VIP FIT? I quickly called the acai company and told them that I would like a refund, they said it would take 14 business days. And I told them the amount I was charged and the date. They said that they only charged $89.31 on that day. I said no, my statement definately says $118.86, and they said that it wasn't them and told me to call a different number, so I called it and got nothing. But it was odd the way she told me the number. I was expecting the last four digits, and only received 3. So I said '770?' and she repeated '7770.' I found that really odd, maybe she made the number up? I have no made any action, but plan to go to the bank first thing tomorrow morning to see what they could do! I'm a student at university, I can't afford to lose $118 out of my pocket for nothing! I'm really worried, and hopefully some action can be made, because I will fight this!!

Offender: Extreme Acai Berry
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: extremeacaiberry.com

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