shipping andhandling delay

i ordered $77 of cartoons of cigarettes it staited 8 to 16 business days.on duty free cigarettes.com; i call to find out were it is and tell contract they state over the phone it will be in on 3 weeks in business days. i planned for 2 weeks no i must make this complaint. please contact them or i will contact my lawler to file a claim against them with customes there governing oversite. your suppost to this for me, this complaint form. i need me package today. please see that its delivered by today. my email address is r.olen@comcast.net phone number 413 437 7583 richard d.olender classical musican who's order is being misconstruade i'll expect a reply by an hour from now. there breaking there site fiduciary agreement please again return email a.s.a.p. t.y. richard o.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Offender: dutyfreecigs.com
Country: USA   State: Massachusetts   City: Holyoke
Site: dutyfreecigarettes.com

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