Healthy You Vending
Healthy You Vending DONT DO IT! ITS A SCAM !!

Healthy You Vending is a complete scam.. Sure the website looks great , there are lots of "rave" reviews .. I can guarantee you that those were written by friends of these people if not the people themselves.
The ultra high pressure sales tactics are ridicules . The owners credentials looked impressive enough and the program sounded like one of the best. We were researching and were trying to decide between this and another company. Healthy you was quick to point out all the negatives about Healthier 4 You ...
A little more research and calling the " happy clients " as references that they gave us and we decided on them. BIG MISTAKE !!!!!!!!!!
Sure they fly you out to Utah for "training" on their machines and software.. its all a sham.. They have this placement program ( another rip off) Let me just say that the locations they found for us are BS. making less than 100.0 a week each, minus cost of products , yeah do the math...
We were hustled plain and simple.. the machines are overpriced and cheaply made... You can buy the SAME machine at SAMS for 3500. These people should be ashamed of themselves the way they take advantage of people trying to start a business for themselves.. They couldn't care less....

All those smiling faces on the website , I bet they ARE happy.. THEY ARE MAKING TONS OF MONEY OFF OF TAKING ADVANTAGE OF GOOD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I tried to sell the machines, NOBODY wants this garbage,, because that is what it is GARBAGE! All the reputable vending companies use high volume machines that hold a lot of product .. Drink machines or snack machines... This "combo machine" is crap.. you can load like 15 cans in a slot.. what the hell is that ? and to make it worse you are limited as to what you can use because of how its made.

There is always problems with the drink section, parts coming loose, drinks jamming etc..

I hope we together with all the people they have scammed can get together and do something to stop these scam artists... Please feel free to contact me and lets talk if you were taken advantage of also...

Offender: Healthy You Vending
Country: USA   State: All USA

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