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Avoid this company at all cost.... my loan was acquired by this company approximately one year ago. I have never been delinquent on a payment and I have always made my payment one month in advance. I have had to call this company every month to have my payments reapplied correctly as they apply my payment to principal and show I am delinquent. This company is very inept and unable to fix this problem. Today when I call I was told by the customer service manager - Casey “I keep giving them changing information on how to apply my payments and I make my payments to early” this situation is still not resolved. I have never had an issue with the other mortgage companies (my loan has been sold twice). I have never changed the way I make my payments, I still make a small additional payment on each payment to be applied to principle and they keep applying my entire payment to “principle only” instead of applying it to my payment. After researching the customer complaint on multiple sites, I am curious if the company is really this inept or if this is some underhanded way of showing my account delinquent for other reasons….added penalties, fee and possible foreclosure? Needless to say I am completely unhappy with this company and would urge you to save yourself the frustration and go with ANYONE else but this company.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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