Automobile Club of Southern California aka AAA
Car insurance claim denied for solo collision - Denied collision claim by AAA

AAA claims people all say.....we won't pay for your loss. The policy says in the big print that they insure you for driving into Mexico with no limitation. However, later they say if they feel that you drive more than once a year that you are a "frequent and regular" driver into Mexico. They ran a license check on me and found I drove my truck into Mexico 3 times in the past 12 months. I am 71 years old, retired and living in San Diego and very seldom drive into Tijuana for lunch. Screw you Grandpa pay the $5000 repair bill we won't pay. Who says what is frequent....these people live in Riverside and say they never drive into Mexico so more than once is a lot for them.....a subjective decision by non legal people defining their policy. I would say that Business people and people with jobs who cross the border every day are frequent drivers and this is what they are trying to avoid. But Seniors driving over for lunch ? c'mon woman.......that ain't right. I was run off the road near the Border and skidded. I was able to drive my truck to the Border and AAA towed me to Rancho Dodge Collision Center. They never even went to see my truck just flat out found a way out of paying the claim and told me "NO WE WON'T PAY" Hell I have a $1000 deductible and I relied upon AAA doing the right thing. This is my first collision claim in 50 years of California driving and paying insurance premiums. The AAA stinks with ill intent throughout their claims office....they look to find a way not to pay. They should not expect a policy holder to interpret what is frequent driving into Mexico and certainly twice a year would be a shocker to someone living in San Diego a few miles from the Border......hell it's just fun to go to Tijuana for a taco. 300,000 people cross the Border daily. AAA insures 1.25% of California drivers. Do the math. That's over 3,000 cars insured with AAA daily crossing into Mexico........hello anyone listening. There should be a sign at the Border..........IF YOU ARE INSURED WITH AAA......TURN BACK NOW !

Offender: Automobile Club of Southern California aka AAA
Country: USA   State: All USA

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