Darva Randolph

I was told the I could get a short term loan backed by cash if I paid 10% of the value up front and 10% after 30 days . Well after I signed a couple of forms I was told that the percentage should have been 25%. I did not have any additional funds so I wanted to forget about the loan. Unfortunately, there was an attorney involved who told me someone at the bank owed him a favor so he advised them to go ahead with the processing and I was to find the rest of the money. I was defrauded by the bank person in New Mexico and this attorney because I told the attorney I could not get any more money yet the processing of the loan continued. Then I was told I would have to wait 60 days for a refund. When I asked for the refund, was told it was non-refundable, however, the loan could not be done because of miscommunication between the attorney and the bank. It was not fault of mine. And I never signed anything that told me the down payment was not refundable. I have sent an email and a letter with no response from either one. I would like my money back as your bank representative made the mistake, not me. I would have never gotten a loan with a nonrefundable deposit.

Offender: Darva Randolph
Country: USA   State: All Country   City: NEW MEXICO OFFICE

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