Carlos Da Silva
Real Estate rifpoffs

In 2009 I purchased a farm via Carlos Da Silva, and also went into a joint venture with Carlos Da Silva. I wrongly assumed that Carlos Da Silva was an honest person.Carlo Da Silva lives in Toronto, Canada and his website is called Da Silva operates by selling Real Estate in Brazil although I have since found out he isn't licensed to sell Real Estate in Brazil since he isn't registered with CRECI. Once I paid Carlos Da Silva the money towards both the joint venture and the Farm Carlos lost all interest in actually delivering the deeds for the farm or the Joint Venture. After being messed about for two years and asking for my money back from the Joint Venture and for him to obtain the deeds I contacted a lawyer in Canada called Evan L Tingley at Baldwin Anka Sennecke Halman LLP based in Toronto, Canada. I also contacted a Brazil Lawyer called Juliano Lomonte OAB/RN 5.567. I paid Evan L Tingley to send a final demand letter demanding the payment of the outstanding monies Carlos owed me. Carlos failed to pay and didn't answer the demand letter.Carlos stole R$ 20,000 ($10,000) from my Brazilian bank account he was managing, since as I foreigner I was allowed to have a Brazilian bank account. My Brazilian lawyer Joliano Lomonte did manage to refuse part of the money that Carlos Da Silva owed me, with Carlo Da Silva promising to pay the rest. I had to pay Joliano Lomonte a large about of money to sort out the deeds to the farm, which Carlos promised to do as part of his services. Carlos Da Silva has refused to pay back the outstanding Joint Venture money I invested, stole money from my bank account.I have since checked out Carlos Da Silva and some of his previous companies Limelight, 1290310 Ontario Inc and found Carlos Da Silva was prosecuted in court by the New Brunswich Securities Commission for conning investors in Limelight, Carlos Da Silva was found guilt, fine and his companies forced to stop trading. see RforD 17Aug07 e.pdf

Carlos Da Silva is now ripoff off Real Estate investors in Brazil. Avoid doing any business with this conman.

Offender: Carlos Da Silva
Country: USA   State: All USA

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