overcharged me

I agree with all of the rip-off reports relative to First Data Global. They signed me up with a merchant account in May, after two weeks they decided that I did not fit their profile and closed my merchant account. They also kept 1/2 the money that I charged about $5900. They told me they are keeping that money for 90 days incase there are any chargebacks, although they would not put that in writing. I thought that was the end of it. I said what do I do with this machine, you will have to contact another department for that. OK. Then I start receiving calls that they want to know where my insurance policy for the machine is. I said why would I have insurance on a machine that I can't use. You give me a machine and take away the account that goes with it. This machine is worthless to me, well that's too bad you still have to pay for the machine. REALLY? So i went and shut down the checking account. As I have seen on the web -- very few people get their money back that is being held by them. I have already written to the Federal Trade Commission in June... I have heard nothing from them. They could care less. This has been going on for years with First Data, nothing has been done to stop them. Now I am receiving letters that they are going to turn me into the credit bureau... HAVE AT IT. I will dispute that and go from there. Hopefully somebody will start a class action suit, I would be happy to jump on board with that.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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