Buyer Beware This company will rip you off I worked here for over a year and they will rob from you at every turn.. They were blacklisted by Campus USA Credit Union for 'stuffing a trade in' .That is selling a customer a car when they are too far negative on their trade in knowing that the customer is going to repo the trade in. They also will steal your rebate If you have a $5000.00 rebate and they look on a private GM manifest and see that as a loyal GM customer you are entitled to an additional $2000.00 rebate. They will strike a deal with you with the $5000.00 rebate then adjust the numbers to reflect the same bottom line, yet the price will be inflated by $2000.00 and the Loyalty rebate will be added to the published rebate on the paperwork. You see the same bottom line yet they steal your other 2000.00 this was done durring the employee pricing sale. What a screw job. They were recently forced by threat of lawsuit to unwind a deal where the ripped off a senior citizen in his 80s. Ripped him off for a 8-10k profit on a new G6. PS beware of the convicted child rapist they have/had detailing your ca

Country: USA   State: All USA

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