Santander Consumer USA
What the heck???!!!!!!

On 12-30-2013, our vehicle was repossessed for back payment that Santander said we owed. We had filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy approximately 2 years ago and had to change to Chapter 7 at a later date. Once the 13 was filed, our payments were lowered and payments were taken out of my wife's paycheck. But, once it was discharged in Chapter 7 unknown to us, the payments went back to the original amount and then the payments quit coming out of my wifes check and we started mailing our payment directly to them. We were NEVER notified, they just kept taking our lower payments. Otherwise, we would have made those original payments.

They used the excuse they could not notify us of this because of the bankruptcy laws. Not quite true, it's THEIR policy. They can interpret the law the way they want, according to our attorney. If this was true, why are they talking to us.

So they repossessed our vehicle and got to charge us late fees, towing fees, etc. Then we find out this shouldn't have happened. Now we are told that if we are ONE day late, it will go back into recovery (repossession). They won't supply us with any statements so any kind, even at our request. We don't know where are money went and for what. We take them for what they say. Everytime when you call, you get someone different and different answers and NEVER told you are behind. I don't want to see this happen to anyone else.

Here is what anyone should do:

1). When dealing with them, document every transaction, phone calls, letters.
2). Send all payments by mail, only by check and certified.

If you have complaints:

1). Contact your state representative on what's taking place.
2). File complaint with your state attorney general.
3). File a complaint with your state consumer protection agency. For a small fee,they will give you a list of state complaints.

One person CANNOT correct this problem. If at all possible, find another company and refinance.

Would like to hear from anyone regarding this company and the way they are doing business with them.

Offender: Santander Consumer USA
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Santander Consumer Inc. P.O. Box 961245 Ft Worth TX 76161-1245
Phone: 8882224227

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