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Liberty Mutual Ins.Fraud, Complaints by the Dozens

01-20-2013SCAM-FRAUD-SCUM If your home is fully paid off and you are a senior citizen, Insurance Companies will Deny legitimate claims because they know all you can do is file a Law Suit, file BBB's, Rip-Off, Consumer Affairs, Attorney General, State Insurance Fund, Pissed consumer etc., a form of harrassment.

Liberty Mutual has dozens of complaints filed and that is ONLY because a few people filed that is not all the denied claims, THINK ABOUT IT?

I recommend you do not purchase any insurance from this Chop Shop Insurance Company.

We have our home insured by Liberty Mutual Group in Glendale Arizona. Recently we had unusual cold weather as the weather man stated we were colder than Alaska for two days straight and below freezing for several days after that. This started on the January 14 2013. Saturday the 01/19/13 we noticed not enough Hot Water from our water heater. After inspection we realized it needed water heater repairs which were finalized. After which two plumbers determined that we had a Slab Leak in the foundation concrete. The foundation is part of the house and therefore would be covered by the home owners insurance, but when Jeffrey Toman insurance adjuster came to inspect it he took photos and then denied the claim. We have found out that taking photos is illegal if a claim is denied via a Law Enforement Officer in which we could possibly have several employees arrested in violation of the law.

This company has passed this claim off to 5 different employee's now the last Rude adjuster that I only received his 1st name Clarence, stated he would pay for the dry wall repairs and pay for the funiture R&R to be moved for the wall repairs's, reversed his decision to my spouse and dropped the entire claim.

Our true complaint is this company doesn't seem to want to cover anything in this policy the house is on the lot and the mortgage includes the lot when you purchase the home this leak is on the foundation of the house yet they make every excuse not to pay the claim. What angers us more is that they knew before they came to my home that they were going to deny the claim, yet they took photos and then told us it was not covered. The news channel has reported that many residence have suffered with pipe breakage during this cold spell. We covered our outside pipes to protect them. BUT this is below the foundation concrete which the house sits on. There is no way of knowing that this could happen. Yet they denied this claim. So now I am in my second week of no hot water simply because the Liberty Mutual takes 3-5 days to send an adjuster and obviously I have to pay for it myself. Wether or not this gets resolved from Liberty Mutual Group I caution the General Public against purchasing their Home owners Insurance from them. Also for the general publics knowledge I am continuing to file legal complaints with the state insurance fund, Attorney General, BBB, and blast it out to Millions of potential clients in an effort to warn them of such pandemonium if they were to file a claim with this ruthless Liberty Mutual Group.

Oh and if you are wandering about the first claim they denied it was two feet from my front door the cold water inlet pipe that feeds the house water. They did the same thing stalled for days before they denied it by phone that particular instance. So we went a few days without any water in the house. They also wanted to come and take photos at that claim and I denied them any admittance to do so, because it is illegal for them to post to your file without paying the claim. That report is now in my file folder BUT they don't pay the claim

PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF and find out from a Home Owners Policy what they DO NOT COVER before you get the shaft.

Remember your Mortgage included the Lot, the foundation the house the pipes the wires the driveway, everything on that lot BUT Insurance does not want to cover this, YET THEY call it a HOME OWNERS POLICY not a HOUSE OWNERS POLICY. WORDING in Policy Contracts means the world in a court of LAW.

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Offender: Liberty Mutual Insurance
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: MONTGOMERY AL 18396
Phone: 8009984011

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