Vintage Motors LLC
Fly-by-Night, Dishonest, Incompetent, Theft, Nightmare

COMPLETE NIGHTMARE...Worst "Mechanic" Ever

To any honest consumer-Yelper-citizen who sees this review. please check out my profile. 99% of my reviews are positive...i.e. you have to really mess up to get a negative review from me...that's MY reputation...positive/decent/honest

Avoid this place at all cost. The completely incompetent and wholly dishonest and delusional owner - "Duck" (Robert Koch) has stolen my classic motorcycle and when I called and asked him to deliver my bike back to me - he informed me that he had vandalized/damaged my classic bike.

The Facts...

Over 5 months ago, in May, Duck picked my bike up from my house to do what should have been a simple fix (Cleaning Carbs).

He was supposed to get my bike in working order for me. He diagnosed the problem as the carbs (A job that should take a week at most).

In June Duck requested money for parts. I promptly paid him a deposit.

In late June I had not heard anything from Duck


I called him in late June - 2 months in - HE HAD THE BIKE 2 MONTHS...he said he didn't even have the parts...a problem with his supplier. I told him he could get the parts - cheap on E-bay delivered within 2 days. nope, he wouldn't take this advice.

Late July still, he has not touched the bike. On July 30th, approx 3 months after he picked up my bike Duck leaves a message saying he got the parts in and the bike will be ready "Next Week" - NOPE...

Late August - No bike, and no word/communication.

In late August I insist that he just returns the bike, He decides against my wishes that he is going to do the work anyway...and he will return the bike "Next Wednesday", bike - no call...

I call him - he goes out of town for a week...he'll have it back to me "Next Friday"...NOPE...

I call him and tell him, DON'T DO THE WORK, just bring the bike back to me. Don't do the work me and my brother will come up there and get the bike.

I tell him NOT TO TOUCH MY BIKE - I JUST WANT IT BACK - He says "No Tom I got your bike up here I'm gonna do this job"

This would be equivalent to if you hired a painter to paint your house, and he told you it would take 3 weeks - and 5 months later - the painter is still hanging around your house, slacking off, and hasn't finished 1 room. So you tell the painter, deals off, I'm hiring a new painter, and the painter says, "No, I'm not leaving your house, I started this job, I'm gonna finish it, and you will owe me my bill in full" - WTF

I realize now this guy is a CLUSTER WASTE of my time. money, energy, and I just want my bike returned. If he ever does do work - I will have no confidence in his dishonesty and incompetence....

I tell him I am going to get the police involved...he says he has it "Up on the lift"...and on and on and on...LIES and Excuses...HE FINALLY CALLS ME...not to tell me my bike is ready but THAT HE HAS DAMAGED MY CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE...What a CLUSTER WASTE!

He decides - against my wishes - (I just want the bike back) that he will get someone to put some touch up paint on my tank...and then he will return my bike...WTF...

It has been over 5 months - I am having to get the police and lawyers involved...and still this incompetent, delusional (Thinks he can repair motorcycle...Not so much...) thief and liar has my bike...

Avoid this "Motorcycle Repair Shop" at all cost - complete waste of time and he will ruin your motorcycle...steal your money and possibly your bike too...

UPDATE...: I am having to take this guy to court just to get him to do the right thing.

I am a reasonable, logical, ethical and most importantly HONEST TO A FAULT person.

It boggles my mind that you would have to get the police/courts involved just to FORCE a person to do the right-honest-responsible-decent thing, but then I think unfortunately today the world is full of these types of people.

Because of my postings on the internet "Duck" thinks I have libeled/slandered him...Well here's a great quote for my fellow Yelpers just telling the TRUTH about honest-real experiences out there

"It's not LIBEL if it's the TRUTH"

Furthermore...Robert Koch is trying to shrug responsibility ONCE AGAIN...he insist I damaged his nonexistent "Reputation" - NOPE - Robert Koch DAMAGED HIS OWN REPUTATION...and had many chances to do the right thing, to demonstrate competence, to HONOR HIS END OF A DEAL, He consistently FAILED...but even in his own personal failure he want take responsibility...he wants to blame me...

If you are a business owner and you don't want bad reviews on Yelp, learn some hospitality, customer service skills, communication, "Couth", decency, honesty, integrity...unfortunately some of these attributes cannot be learned...

If someone places a bad review of you on Yelp, you have an opportunity to respond, you know...then the reviewer can respond and say the Business Owner made everything right???

I'm not counting on Duck to make anything right.

Offender: Vintage Motors LLC
Country: USA   State: All USA

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