Website designed for your failure - Student Loan

Citibank has created a website that only works with the most modern Mac, and Windows operating systems. Which makes my life very difficult. I have an old mac laptop and work exclusively with linux at work. Customer service has told me the issue happens is because I don't have cookies enabled. BS! Try using any browser for 5 minutes with out cookies the internet is useless with them turned off. It seems like it would be simple enough to do automatic payments, but I have read a lot of consumer complaints about their ATS and I don't feel I can trust them. Other options would be to call them, but I work outside the united states making calling them a hassle because international calls are very expensive and their prehistoric phone system is incapable of handling skype calls. They're the only company to date I have encountered incapable of taking skype calls. The only option I have is to have my Mother log into my account and set up a payment for me. However there is a still a problem Citi takes up to 5 yes 5 business days to process a transaction. Nasa can communicate with voyager space craft several times in 5 days, but citibank is incapable of taking money from one account and putting in their coffers in that amount of time on Earth. The bottom line is they are less than worthless with the studentloan website. However they have no problem calling to harass you about a payment 1 day after it is due. Even if you have already paid. I guess what I'm really getting at is next time they need a bailout the government should let them fail.

Offender: Citibank
Country: USA   State: All USA

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