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Christmas is a hectic time, but I have been a Sears customer for over 50 years, and I believe that will be coming to and end. I had not used my Sears Card for a while and they cancelled it, no problem there, but I got a new card set up and the payments normally are made early, but something bumped somewhere and apparently a payment did not get to Citibank and is 5 (that is a gross 5 days, how terrible) and I received a call from Citibank's collections department, I had to say hello 4 times and was about to hang up when someone (Richard No last Name) came on and proceeded to badger me to give him bank account or credit card information to rectify this gross dereliction on my part. I explained that there must be a glitch and I would get on it and make it correct, but he kept pushing me to make the payment right now. Doesn't that sound like someone trying to steal your information, not inform you that a payment was late? BTW I have no other communications from Sears or Citibank before the phone call. I have other Credit Cards with Citi but if there knowledge of cyber security is that poor and their customer interactions that confrontational and rude I think I will have to move on to someone else.

Offender: Citibank
Country: USA   State: All USA

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