CareCredit GE MoneyBank

UNDOUBTEDLY THE WORST CREDI CARD EVER. I have PERFECT credit (i mean well into 800 lFICO, had NEVER used a CC for anything, was in between jobs and decided to have elective surgery. We have recorded this company's "customer service" calls every 2 hours between the hours of 8AM and 11PM for the last 10 days. The first bill (which to this minute I have no idea what the amount is/was) was due on November 1. At EXACTLY 8AM on Nov 1 the phone began to ring, first the house, then the office. Having just had surgery 18 days prior, I had not been to the office, but when I did go in, I called them back from the financial office phone extension, they then began calling that number as well. All three phone ringing in succession. We recorded their abusive collections calls, used a google voice number to document the incoming calls every two hours and finally my boss ( a surgeon no doubt) called me in and said she would NEVER accept their card again after listening to the obnoxious number of calls and voicemails left on our office manager's line. I finally had to block their calls as I was unable to log in to the site to even know what the account number was to pay the bill. I called from another number (my friend's home -also a plastic surgeon) and they began calling her every two hours as well. She works 8pm-8am at a trauma center and has had to change their home number as her daughter hit redial the first time they called and that evidently is a signal to these idiots to keep calling. I called asking for my own account number to end this madness and they told me to wait for it to arrive by mail in 7-10 days and I explained I would pay it in 3 equal payments as soon as it arrived. Today was day 4 and all the phones are once again ringing non-stop. I have attempted to log into the website to make an immediate payment and it continuously denies access and gives an error message to call in. I screen shot and time stamp the 50 (!!!) of these we have tried to prove harassment in a court battle that is definitely coming. I once had an Amazon card (also GE) that you had to have to use Roku and the EXACT same thing happened. We have made over 300 copies of documents and even got our friends to get cards to prove this is their business model to scam interest off people. The law will deal with them so a) record every call, b) use an internet # that documents each incoming call on an email (like Google voice c) take screen shots of your phones incoming and outgoing call history showing your efforts to resolve or pay, d) send emails asking for same info e) take screen shot of your computer monitor EVERY time the log in says it won't work (also SS your input info BEFORE you hit submit so you can prove you are providing accurate info at the start f) record each and every call t=to or from them (you MUST say "I am recording this call" to them as soon as they pick up as their recording does. I say CLASS ACTION SUIT. Never in my life did I dream that a quick elective surgery would create such horrific stress 30 seconds after a due date for a payment that no one even knew how or what to pay and after recording ourselves asking for the amount due and the account # 5x, they company continues to call. The law is on our side, what they are doing is illegal and if I didn't like my great credit so much I'd file bankruptcy just to be able to force them to quit calling and to absolve myself from keeping this junk business afloat.

Offender: CareCredit GE MoneyBank
Country: USA   State: All USA

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