American Express Gift Cards
AMX gift cards and refund for cash redemption policy SUCK. the cards are worthless. - American Express Business Gift Cards

I recieved two AMX Business gift cards from my sales reps as a thank you for all my hard work during our fiscal FY13. One was worth 700.00 and one worth 100.00 to total 800.00 from four sales reps.
There is NO WAY in this universe to redeem them for cash or deposit them into your bank account to use as cash. THESE CARDS ARE WORTHLESS TO ME unless I want to BUY something I don't need since I can't use the VALUE of them for things I do want to pay on.
Even Chase, one of the nation's largest banks has no way to redeem these worthless pieces of plastic.
And you can't use them to buy a money order to convert them to cash either.
After wasting a lot of time online trying to find a way to do so, I found an obscure blog with a comment from an AMX employee named Beth offereing a non-published AMX Customer service number to call (1-877-297-4438) stating you could call AMX directly and redeem your cards in the form of a check cut from AMX to you. HALLELUJAH, right?
WRONG. After getting told repeatedly they could refund the 100.00 one but not the 700.00 one without proof of purchase (even though they confirmed the card is valid on their own system, and can see the method of payment on their system, and I could verify the name of the purchaser) they won't refund the 700.00 card as a check unless I provide proof of purchase for my GIFT. Well, since I didn't buy them for myself I obviously DO NOT have proof of purchase.
So then we start the "transfer me to someone that can help me" phase of this hour long conversation and total time suck.
I finally get a supervisor who says this verbatim:
"I will fax you the proof of purchase from the online purchase that you can then fax back to us with your request to 'refund' the card purchase as a check sent to you. Please hold while I find the return fax number."
After nearly 20 more minutes on hold, she comes back on the line to tell me that due to the amount on the 700.00 card being over 500.00 they can't refund it to me in the form of a check even if I go back to the original purchaser and get him to send proof of purchase to them. They can only refund it to his payment card directly.
AMX gift cards are more worthless than the plastic they are printed on.
I will have to take a loss in the value of the cards if I want to sell them online at one of those "buy my gift card" and we'll keep 20% of the value for the pleasure sites, since you can no longer sell them on Ebay due to issues with redeeming them after the fact.
I will NEVER, repeat NEVER, use AMX for anything as long as I continue to live.
And, If I ever have the misfortune to receive AMX cards as gifts again I will kindly return them to the gift giver immediately and advise them I'd rather have a steaming pile of horseshit because that is all these cards are worth, and at least the steaming pile of horseshit can be used to fertilize my garden unlike these damn gift cards.
If I didn't know any better I would swear AMX and Obamacare are tied together since they are both about as useful.
I mean the cards are paid for, they verified that on the phone with me in their system, but will only refund the 100.00 one without it having to go back on the giver's card. SO basically what you are telling me is that you suspect I STOLE the cards you have already been paid for, and you feel it's okay for me to steal up to 100.00, but not 700.00?
Douchebaggery at it's finest.
AMX sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offender: American Express Gift Cards
Country: USA   State: All USA

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