US Bank
operates with legal authority

US Bank says that when you open an account with them that you authorize them to impose the levy laws of any state within which they have branches. While they say this is standard bank operating procedures they do this without statutory authority. There is no federal law or regulation allowing them to impose the laws of one state in another state but banks have been doing so forever. They allow other states to seize funds in your accounts without any law allowing them to do so. They will and have attached social security funds which is illegal under federal law. You must prove that the funds are social security funds. They did this to me over a contested debt which has been going on for 19 years with the state of California for taxes I do not believe I owe but they distributed funds from my account because California placed a levy, under California law, in the state of Missouri (not authorized under Missouri law). Enforcing California law in Missouri without any legal authority to do so and distributing social security funds which are protected under federal law from levy.

Offender: US Bank
Country: USA   State: All USA

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