Cricket Wireless Broadband
Stolen money from bank - wireless internet

I usually buy the pre-paid cards for my wireless internet service, but could not find any at Walmart in October 2013. I called the company to try and put it on my bank card,(as I had a few times before), but there were not sufficient funds there. I went to the bank, cleared the negative, went to Homeland and reloaded a visa card specifically to use to turn my service back on. After I made the payment online, I could not get into my account, as my password would not work. I called the company.. I buy the 45 dollar monthly service. Speaking with a young lady, she said they had a plan that if I should use all megabytes before the month was up, I could pay a dollar at a time from my funds available. When I logged in to my account, I saw a five dollar credit. I had only approved the forty-five.
As I kept checking my account on the visa card, I noticed they had not yet taken their money out. Attempting to make a purchase at the store, the sale was not approved. I called the visa company and was told, since I had not used the pre-pay card in over a year, they put a block on it. The block was removed with in a couple of hours. I tried to call Cricket to see if the block was the reason they had not removed their money, or if it takes several days to receive their money. Well, from that day on, I could not get anyone on the phone. It would say no one was available to take my call. I kept calling using everything on their menu, to no avail.
On the 3rd of October, I called my bank to see how much was there after my SSI check was deposited. I had a 76 dollar and change in the negative. They said Cricket had taken the money from my bank. I explained that I gave them my visa reload card information to use. Apparently they ran into the block and took it upon themselves to just take it from my bank. I had gone to the bank on the 15th to make sure October 3 would come to my account with no negatives.. I made many attempts to call Cricket with no response other than no one there to assist me, or they could not make the call compete and hung up. I used a number they had to buy something and finally talked to a real human. The man looked at my account and said I authorized the payment on my bank card. I did not. I explained to him I had used the visa prepaid. He asked it the overcharge of five dollars was the only complaint I had. I asked to speak to someone higher than him and waited on the phone a long time before someone answered. I explained all the happenings to her and she also said I approved it. I told her I had proof. If they continue lying, I would be more than happy to let a rep come here and view my hard drive. Their attitude was nasty and I explained to the bank what happened. I was able to get money for rent, groceries, and medicine, but my next check would have to be used to cover the huge overdraft. I was excited about my October 3rd check because there would be not over draft to pay. Cricket messed that up and now refuses to put my money back in the account. Since it was a SSI check, I will notify them and also offer to let them see my hard drive. I hope they will investigate. The lady from Cricket said they would do no refunds, but she would remove my bank card number so this would not happen again. I asked her not to remove it until my bank and SSI looked into the matter, but they quickly removed it anyway. To me it sounds as if they indeed know they used the card.

Offender: Cricket Wireless Broadband
Country: USA   State: All USA

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