Amplified federal credit union
Amplified credit union, Worst credit union ever!

MUST READ! The worst credit union ever, strike that the worst bank ever! After having a car loan with them several years and a series of events I called to pay my loan. The women who took my credit card number "hits enter twice" and runs my card for two payments. When for some reason they could not cancel one, she tells me that I have to go into my bank and stop payment! Okay do it, but yet again wasting my time. I decide to look into refinancing my 8% used car loan with university credit union, they refinance me at 3.5% NICE! But that is not it! months go by and I get a call that I owe amp one more payment, I ask why? They tell me that my last payment bounced, I tell them I have never bounced anything in my life and say I have to look into it.

I pull my closing statement and it showing paid in full. I also call my credit union and ask them if I Ever bounced anything to amp. They tell me no you have never bounced a thing to them or anyone else. A few days go by and this jerk named Chris calls me and says that all I am trying to do is skip out on a payment, a small payment at that. He calls me a liar and a thief and demands payment, I tell this guy that I have a closing stament showing nothing due! He again tells me that I'm a liar and all I'm doing is trying to get out of a payment and that my last payment bounced and that I have to pay him or he is going to ruin my credit! We shared some words loudly and ask them can you guy possibly of made a mistake when I refinanced and gave university the wrong pay off amount, he says that they do not make mistakes then he accuses me of ripping them off and all I am doing is trying to skip out on a payment, I told this very rude Chris guy off and hung up on him.

This credit union is not a credit union that we all love this bank is just like the big banks that calls us liars, and try to steal our hard earned money they will not help you with anything. Go to another credit union stay away form this place. Now if this Chris just simply said yes we made a mistake and gave the wrong payoff I would of paid it right then. But i am showing my last payment paid and have a stament showing ZERO DUE. As for my credit I have a statement showing the loan paid in full and closed, and the funny thing is that my new bank has the title would they of held that until the loan was paid and closed?

Offender: Amplified federal credit union
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Austin
Address: 2608 brockton

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