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America Home Mortgage Corruption -Wells Fargo Did it again

I have never seen such corruption in my life.Nor could I have imanged that I could become a Victuim like this.I am not very good at putting in writeing but I will try the best I can .
This is a unbeliveable case of Fuard.

This is a very long history but I will try to shorten the transactions that took place.
My husband & I bought a home at auction 18yrs ago.(1993)
We were raising 5 children & that was what we could afford.

It started out with Eastern Mortgage Services in 08/1993
There were lots of repair needed. We were handed a slip where to send our first payment to.
So we followed thru. Our Mortgage Company was changed faster then I change shoes.
But it was always paid .Although it appeared that extra fees were added to us.

The mortgage ended up in the hands of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Our payments kept getting higher. My husband went thru layoff after 10yrs of the same company. After a long stretch & Wells Fargo trying to Foreclose on us 2 times paying them much in fees to keep our home . My Husband did return to steady work .

ThenI lost my job over medical problems.More problems arose due to loss of one of our incomes. We ended up in chapter 13.After a few years and still in BK13 ,we were assisted to get a loan to clear up BK13.We need to do something due to it was hard to keep up ,for one of the creditors
was getting paid thru the Trustee and US.The creditor was placeing the payments all on instrest and rejust kept adding more.I reported it but nothing was done.

At the closing in 2007 something didn't look right with the amount they stated the loan was for.
I was unable to read the papers being passed to sign .( I need my glasses ).I did tell them I could not see to read what I was signing.It did nt matter to them so I trusted they were being honest with me.
Our Mortgage owed was only due $64,000. to pay off .Even with what they were claiming had to
be paid It did not come to $150,000.
For weeks I kept trying to find the problem.We had 2 different loan papers and none mad sense.

2 years later I find that the escroll for taxes was not paid by them. I was given a run around .
By then another company clamed to have our loan.America Home Mortgage
I called them with the problem and They claim to have paid the Taxes in the amount of $10,000. That they would get back to us ,This would be added to our loan .That it would be broke into payments.Thats not what they did.I had to beg them to brake it into payments that it was unafordable to us. For Our mortgage had gone from ; $698. to $789.72 to $1132.56 to back to
$789.72 to $2000. then droped to 1345.54 and out of no were to $1545.44 in the mist of winter.
I had a agreement to pay $1345.54 for the next 2yrs. . Our taxes were inculded with that payment.
I tryied over and over and only recived the run arround with them.

In the coarse of all this I have found;
1) Our home sold to us for $1.00 by HUD
It was a forclosure that was backed by HUD .we were charged a higer amount and who the money went to "no idea.I am sure the home was paid off by hud.

2) At the closing they had us sign the deed to them for est. $79,000.
The deed state we bought the house for $1.

3) The date on the closing papers and the note were incorrect.
I told them the incorrect date was on the docket.
I was told that they would correct this.
4) we received no funds but we did pay closing fees.

5) Mortgage ended up in the hands of Wells Fargo Home Mortg
Then later in time we big problems with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage .
They work with no one.

after all the problems the loan was changed to;

1) Civic Mortgage (2007) to-

2) Option One (note) Who after the fact sent us a letter of denial for the Mortgage.
Then us payment slipsto pay them.
(note) Then we received payment slips from;& American Mortgage.
To make paymentsto them.

Things became even worse from there .
Our loan kept going up when it wasn't suppose to.Funds were not placed where they should of been .

We did keep trying to get them to correct this only to find that always after thinking we had resolved the matter it would increase again .Making it impossible to keep up It was as if they were pushing us into default with intent to do so.

My husband has had two heart operations .He is back to work.We have taken some loss of income.We have a increase of expenses due to medications need and doctors receive help with heating fuel due to we have income. Heating fuel went up to $500.00 every 2 weeks for 150gals. )and every thing else went up.

After my brother passed away we found our selfs now raiseing 2 more children.And support of them
This January 3,2011 I was the victim of a auto accident in which I received disk injury.
I am just starting to heal.

Now I received a letter from a collector that we owe $168,000.Hunt Leibert Jacobson P.C.
two ; HSBC Bank USA, National Association
that they are our mortgage company?(never took a mortgage with them).
We did answer them and are still awaiting a reply.We can make monthly payments ,but need help to regroup from all we have been thru.
The Same collector sent us another letter that they will file to forclose any way.

Now today we recive a letter from Amercian Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. On Apirl 14.
that they no longer going to be my servicer.That they are assigning,sold or transferred.
To Saxon Mortgage Services Inc effictive on Apirl 24,2011. That the law requires them to send
notice 15 days before.I belive there is something wrong with this notice.

At this point we do not know who has our " Mortgage " or if there realy was one in the start.
or should of been one .
After carefully study and review of all the documents we have it looks like we have been &-defrauded. Now they want to put us out of our home.
Is there any one willing to help us save our home?
I belive that being in the same home for 18 years should speak for its self.

Offender: America Home Mortgage
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Irving
Address: P.O. Box630467
Phone: 18773043100

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