GMAC Mortgage
GMAC embezzled money from my mortgage

GMAC Mortgage is unlawfully using money deposited into clients mortgage accounts. I had a surplus on my mortgage. I over paid on my mortgage account so I could make an early payment eventually when the account had built up. It was in the "other" money section because on line you aren't allowed to make an extra payment unless you have the entire months payment amount. I had a surplus of over $300 on my mortgage account.

When I tried to talk to three different managers to get this taken care of they said they could give my money back, but they would use that toward late fees. The problem is my payment is $944.79 and I have been paying $1,000.00 to cover the late fees each month, since we have been paying our mortgage later in the month I have taken the late payment fee into account. We are a one income family and only get paid once a month on the 22 of the month. I know we will be assessed the extra $37.09 so I pay the extra amount on time.

When I asked why this money was missing I was told that the money was used to appraise my house. I explained that nobody took an appraisal of my house. They further explained that it was an outside evaluation and was taken only from the outside of my house. I am paying monthly and not sure why they would do this now that I am current on my payments. They told me that in 2008-9 I was more than three months behind and so therefore they "had" to make sure I was still living in the house. Yet did not appraise the house at the time of the delinquency, but waiting 2 years to evaluate the situation on a house that is current. This seems to be a waste of money and resources.

I explained I would understand if they did this in 2009, but it is now 2011 and I have been current for months. Also, this fee is further unnecessary since they can use google map and see that we are still living in our house. We are taking care of the yard, the exterior of the house, fence, etcetera.

I feel violated, abused, taken advantage of, pillaged and plundered. It is gross misuse of power and I find it horrific that our government is not doing anything to stop the extortion going on in this country by the mortgage companies. It used to be illegal to charge people money on a loan that no money was being paid toward the principal. Now it seems to be the normal procedure.

It is the demise of this country. People have lost homes. I was not fully disclosed this information when I refinanced my loan. I went from a 10 year loan at 4% interest fixed to a 30 year mortgage variable, which doesn't even make sense. When I refinanced I told the Whirlwind Mortgage advisor I wanted a fixed loan. This was not the case and some how these companies were allowed to deceive people. Please run the other way if your loan has anything to do with this unscrupulous company, GMAC Mortgage.

Offender: GMAC Mortgage
Country: USA   State: Kentucky   City: Louisville
Address: 6716 Grade Lane Building 9, Suite 910
Phone: 18779414622

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