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I initially received a call from Bill Zahlman, an account ececutive from ARLG who advised me that now is the time to get a modification on my loan. As everyone knows the market went upside down and my home was worth 100K than my note was for. I provided the initial paperwork to BILL ZAHLMAN and he assured me that there would be no problem at all getting a principle reduction for my home loan. I was very skeptical about this seeing as i was current on my mortgage. BILL ZAHLMAN advised that I should fall behind at least 2 payments to make it easier to communicate with the bank. So I did....That was the beginning. With those two mortgage payments i was solicited to pay $2050.00 for their services. Low and behold all the promises fell apart the first week. After BILL I was transferrred to FAYE BAXTER, another scammer. She demanded verification of income, utilities and other documentation that I all but had to hand deliver 3 times because of their incompetance. After mt dealings with her conversation with anyone became non exisistant. I have kept complete and detailed records of e-mails and phone calls through my phone and e-mail services, including all paperwork I sent and the contract I signed. I called my mortgage company to see if they received a loan modification work out packet and they knew nothing of any packet. They only had 2 correspondences with them,1- being the third party disclosure form and an inquiry by phone for a sale date. Last week we receive a fill in the blank standard letter stating that due to the FTC mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule effective January 31, 2011 that they are no longer permitted to service our home loan modification in Florida. They say our file has already been submitted is currently under review for modification with my lender. At this time they have closed our file and advise us to direct all future communications with our lender. They did refer an affiliate - Lawffices of William O'Toole, Esquire to service our file while in review. ARLG claims Mr. O'toole's offices service clients nationwide, yet his address is Boca Raton Florida. When I contacted O'Tooles Office I was not only talked down to but was sent another retainer requiring another 2500.00 payment. to this date I cannot get a hold of anyone at either business. Joel Jacobi Lawyer/Owner - Manager Faye Baxter - (who bullied when pressed for an answer). J. Brown _ (who sold the pack of lies) and Claudia Marcquez- the person who avoided my phone calls. January 24,2011. I called their affiliate and was put on speaker phone while a young person was prompted in the questions I had to ask. They informed me that ARLG no longer existed as of the beginning of December 2010/ Also, my lender was called and they still have no clue of any modification packet from ARLG.

Offender: American Residential Law Group
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Ft LauderdaleInternet
Address: 6245 N Federal Highway #401

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