Bank Of America
Dishonest customer service false promises

I had a checking account with Bank Of America. My accounts had about 60 dollars deposited in the account. I checked my account, and I had an overdraft of approximately 50 dollars. A hundred something dollars gone? Well, I didn't know how the hell I got an overdraft in the first place! It kept going up to 300 hundred something. I tried closing the account, but they wouldnt let me unless I pay off the outstanding balance. The debt was not even my fault in the first place. This is not even the problem I'm reporting.

The problem is, when I did finally paid it off, they promised not to put me on CHEX_SYSTEM. CHEX_SYSTEM is kind of like a credit report used throughtout the bank system. They even told that I could open up a new account with them right away. I didnt bother. So I tried with Washington Mutual. They gave me an answer of me being in CHEX_SYSTEM. Well, of course I told WM that wouldnt be possible because B OF A said I wouldnt be in it. I also put myself thru the trouble to call B OF A CHEX_SYSTEM customer service to clear things up. Guess what? They denied the hold thing with CHEX_SYSTEM. What could I say? What could I do? Practically nothing! Now I'll be stuck on CHEX_SYSTEM for about 4 more years. I can't even open account elsewhere.

Its just horrific what a respected company liked BofA would do to collect money! Remember people. Never trust anything they say, especially whenever you're in trouble with them. Make sure the negotiation have some type of b&w documents as evident. Just can't trust their verbal agreement.

Offender: Bank Of America
Country: USA   State: California   City: Los Angeles

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