Experian Credit Reporting Agency
Rip off from the pit of hell! 20 minute phone hold! Extremely hard to speak with a real person. victimized many consumers Cost Mesa

I applied for a refinance auto loan online today with a well-known online lender. I receieved the results after 10 minutes saying that I was not approved for the loan. I'm like--What?! I have absolutely outstanding credit. I called and asked which reporting agency they used and they told me Experian. I went to the Experian website and dialed ALL of the numbers that it had listed. NONE of them directed me to a LIVE person, it was all automated.

So I finally called a number that led me to a real person (but that was after repeat attempts)...but anyway, after talking to the person they recommended that I buy the report online so I can see it immediately.--I went ahead and did that...I viewed the credit report and found that the Capital One 30-days-late payment was STILL on my report after I had already disputed it 2 months ago.

So I called Experian once again to try to get it disputed again. I was on hold for about 20 minutes! By the time a real person answered the phone the damn thing had logged me out. And I couldn't figure out how to log back in. So I talked to the person about disputing it blah blah blah. Then I found out that my credit report can only be viewed ONE time and that it will log off after 20 minutes of inactivity. WTF? I paid the $15 plus tax to view the report for ONE TIME??! And to top it off it didn't even give me the full 20 minutes.

Since I wasn't finished looking at it I needed to log back in. So I had to called a DIFFERENT number to get the log in info. Which was ANOTHER 20 minutes of hold time. The company is full of BS. They expect a person to spend $15 each time they want to view the report--even if it's the SAME REPORT on the SAME DAY!

And every time a lender uses Experian I get denied for whatever I'm applying for. Everything is squeaky clean on my reports for Equifax and Trans Union. I also had applied for a discover card a few months backa and I was also denied for credit because they pulled the Experian report. I'm sick and tired of this BS with them. So people, please be careful when you're applying for things. Find out if the lender uses Experian before you apply so YOU can see what's on there first.

Summary of BS from Experian:

-$15 for a 20-minute viewing session (but it really logs you off after about 8 minutes!--NOT 20)
-20-minute hold session
-Can't speak to a real person on the first attempt
-Always reports false & real old shyt
-Difficult to get things removed from the report

Offender: Experian Credit Reporting Agency
Country: USA   State: California   City: Costa Mesa
Address: 475 Anton Blvd.
Phone: 8883973742

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