Ocwen Federal Bank, FSB
Faulty charges, Run around, Buyer information incorrect can't get answers why ripoff business from hell

My wife lost her job so we got really behind on our mortgage. We contacted Ocwen Federal Bank about our account to setup payment arrangements, we were about three months behind.

Every time we contacted Ocwen Federal Bank they were rude to us and did not care about anything we were asking them. They seemed to like interrupting people while they were talking. At first they said there wasn't anything they could do to help us. We also could not get any information from them on our loan. We needed to make our payment or the loan would go into foreclosure.

We were receiving letters from a lawyers office telling us that we were behind on our mortgage and being charged $95 every time one of their letters were sent out to us, on top of our mortgage. The letters also had someone else's name on the loan with my name, which I am the only borrower on the loan and the loan was not assumed.

We contacted Ocwen, they said that he was the only one on the loan and couldn't explain why the letters were addressed that way. We couldn't get any information from anybody at Ocwen. Just allot of run around. Also, we were told to disregard any future letters since we had already made payment arrangements and to ignore any future letters received from their lawyers office.

The letters kept coming every month charging us more each month. Also, letters started coming for us to update our account, which I contacted Ocwen right when we started receiving these letters and was informed to disregard the update letters. That everything was fine with our account, but letters kept coming.

There were miscellaneous charges that they could not justify when I requested loan information. Our loan went into foreclosure. For months we tried to contact them and kept getting redirected to their lawyers office answering machine.

Which resulted in numerous of calls and left messages. Inquiring about payoff information and current amount due. I left a number where one of us could be reached, which they did not use as their call back number.

My wife and I are getting screwed around by this company. Its our unfortunate luck that we have to deal with the worst company that ever called themselves a company.

Offender: Ocwen Federal Bank, FSB
Country: USA   State: California   City: IRVINE
Address: P.O. Box 57002
Phone: 8883803948

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