Ocwen Bank
Makes me Barf evil dirt bags , India, Hell

I received a new Statement From the old pirates this month.A new look and a revealing Chapter as to how and where your money is spent. After ready the statement I proceeded to throw-up all over the new and Improved statement.It now will tell you how much they are charging you for Toilet Paper.

No kidding, I was amazed to find out that I was being charged almost $299.99 for the stuff that usually cost me a half buck anywhere else. I also noticed that there were fees for every time Amy called me and left a message. That was a cool $2314.13 and the list just goes on. I'm sure when you get your new Itemized Statement you will do what I did.Blow Chow!

These new and revealing items are just remarkable. No need to use the word "other" now. These guys are truely the scum of the Earth and not because they have no Brains. Because who ever thought up making a statement like this one really tells you who the Jack Ass is or are or something.Come on guys listen up. And by the way, all you who work for Ocwen and Think what you are doing is honest work for a wage you are thief and a Robber too.You can read for yourself , Don't take my word for it Read on and discover what a great Company Ocwen Bank is.

I recommend you get a good nights rest and come clean. Feel good about yourself again.Quit and tell the truth about all the deceitfull things Ocwen Bank has done to It's Customers as well as yourselfs. Think about it. Yours truely

Offender: Ocwen Bank
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: 0rlando
Address: 12650 Ingenuity Dr
Phone: 80074ocwen

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