LMC Financial
Rip-off trying to milk you for every penny

This is what I'm hoping will be closure for me. I was notified over the phone at my dwelling that I was approved to receive a credit card by visa or mastercard. I thought great!

After a series of answering questions on a recorded line and giving them my bank inforamtion to execute and automatic draft on a determined date, I got off the phone with them. Like clockwork, the date came, and the money was drafted.

I received a package in the mail offering some unknown and shady, if u ask me, credit card offers photocopied on a sheet of paper. I wasn't sure if LMC sent this or what? None of the offers were appealing. I wasn't already approved, I would have to apply and sent processing fees out the wa-hoo! I decided against this and kissed my $300.00 dollars goodbye.

Low and behold some months later ,the same people at LMC Financial called me again and said they needed to refresh my address for something they were sending me in the mail. I agreed, and after a recorded series of questions and by the way, me agreeing to let them draft the money from my account again was recorded.The man assured me that it was listed in the computer that I had already made payment on the specified date and that to disregard the statement on the recording. I would not be drafted for the amount again. But you know it, a few days later i began to bounce transactions against my account, and when I called to check the balance, I discovered that LMC Financial drafted another $299.00 from my account on October 11,2002. I was furious!

As it is I'm young and trying to establish my credit without more headaches. I called the bank and gave me the customer service number next to the draft. I called it and found myself speaking to the same heavy accented man, Robbie, every time. He said it didn't show on his computer that they had drafted another one on me. I received a statement from the bank and faxed it to Robbie to show proof that they did and he said he received it. He said it'd be a couple of days before I get my money back. He had to submit it to administration to approve, then to processing who do the actual refunding.

I waited 1 1/2 weeks and began calling Robbie again, I still didn't have my money. It was close to a holiday and a recorded outgoing mssg was all I had.

After a ridiculousling long time of vacation the voicemail no longer came on and the phone just rang. I tired at different times of the day and several times hoping to catch someone but to no avail.

Then one day, March 5,2003, I called and the operator said the number called was no longer in service! Someone told me I could report them to the Federal Trade Comission and as long as I had my contract number to LMC Financial, That I could get my money back.

I've written them a letter also on January 30,2003 and still have yet to receive a response. I think it sucks when people try to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. At least I learned a very valuable lesson, I'll never do business over the phone again!

Offender: LMC Financial
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Houston
Address: Phone Scam
Phone: 8002949279

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