Fairbanks Capitol Corporation
"overworked" employees or just a scam to make thing appear late so they can collect extra fees ripoff

Someone please advise me, My mother in law has a second mortgage with Fairbanks Capitol, the listing on her statements is Lender ID number 87-0465626 with two states listed as offices Jacksonville Florida and Salt Lake city Utah.

My problem is in the fall she got late on three payments and she kept calling them trying to find out where to send them, 12 calls, finally she got through and a gentleman gave her the information. She overnighted the payments by Western Union. She then got a letter saying they were rejected. When she called back she was told via the phone that there was a mistake and the payment was accepted. Another phone call saying the payment was rejected, by someone who would only identify himself as Ty Reese.

By this time shes four paments behind on the loan, and was literally forced to sign a forebearance agreement, or go into foreclosure, with law fees of something like two thousand dollars, we balked about attorney fees being so high when the payment was made within days of this information being handed to her which by the way Mr. Reece refused to allow her to send until she signed the forebearance agreement.

So the forebearance agreement was signed and payments made, with the last payment including attorney fees. In the meantime in Feb got a letter from Montgomery County Court in Dayton Ohio which stated that our house was still being foreclosed on, when we called about that they said they were calling the attorneys and said the paper work hadn't made it through, On February 1st the sheriffs dept tried to deliver paperwork to say the house was being foreclosed on which we refused, as we knew our payments were up to date.

My mother in law became ill in February and we faxed a letter to Fairbanks Capitol saying I could handle anything from now on, my name is Genny. In April when I made the payment, on time, I got a letter saying it wasn't made and when I called back with the canceled check was told that our representative wrote it down but forgot to post it. Then today May 5th when I tried to finalize the forebearance agreement, I was put into voice mail and called back and absolutly threw a fit.

A lady called me back and said they were overworked, each account rep had over five hundred loans to take care of and she would be of assistance to me from now on, promised to fax information over by May 7th saying that the forebearance agreement was cleared, so I don't know if it will or not, this company is ridiculous and everytime I ask to speak to a supervisor they refuse and tell me that I have to deal with them.

Offender: Fairbanks Capitol Corporation
Country: USA   State: Utah   City: Salt Lake City
Address: P.O. Box 65250
Phone: 8888186032

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