Consumer First
Get them to give you your money back! no more ripoff & deception

I fell for the initial offer and sent a check for $50. When I got the packet of information and saw it was a scam, I sent it back via registered mail, return receipt requested. In less than 14 days, I got a check from Consumer First for my $50 - no notation on the check, no questions asked.

It's always handy to enclose a letter that notes on the bottom that you have sent a copy of their marketing materials and the letter you wrote to the Federal Trade Commission, Att: Interstate Consumer Fraud via US Mail Division. I've used that on all my letters when I think I have been taken to the cleaners, and to date I've had a total refund record, no questions asked.

The fraudulent companies know that the FTC is a real swat team when it comes to closing down these bilking machines when they get a substantial number of reports. I've seen them in action, seizing mail order and telemarketing businesses and prosecuting the owners and operators. To my knowledge, they are the most effective tool we have as consumers especially if the fraudulent company is doing any kind of interstate marketing... and I think they all do interstate marketing.

Even if you don't send a copy to the FTC, let them think you do and you will probably go to the top of their refund-in-full line and get all your money back. Good luck!

Offender: Consumer First
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Tampa
Address: PO Box 15386

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