On April 9, of this year my husband and I attended a seminar that we had heard about on a local radio station playing The Mike Horn Morning Show, A man by the name of Tim Taylor the Millionaire Maker told us and others about his company that attended government auctions and drug seized items for auction, and that he was so overwhelmed with work that he needed people to attend these auctions for him all over the country.

His company would give you a coach to help you out and this was the person that you contacted about which auctions to go to and such. Our "coach" was to be Ed Harris, Everything did sound OK so we talked and asked many questions and finally decided to do this, Mr. Taylor was asking that we give him either $1,500 cash or $1,800 by check. The money was a kind of deposit so that we would be sure to go to at least one auction for him and then we would get our money back, and we gave him a check for $1,800 and was told by him that as soon as the check cleared we would be given and auction to go to.

On April 12 I was contacted by a Ed Harris and was told by him that as soon as the check cleared we would go to an auction and that I should be receiving some more materials in the mail and to contact him again on April 18, which I did and have been trying to contact him or anyone since that day until today when I realized the web site was down and you could no longer leave messages on the answering machine.

Our check did clear on April 14. He really had us convinced, I still have all the material that he did give us that day and a receipt for the money and the cleared check. I hope this man is caught!!!!!!!!

He not only advertises this business but in the brochure that he gave us at the meeting he had other home based business's ranging from lottery winnings all the way to real-estate. He also told us that he is based out of San Francisco but lived in Reno, NV now, We would really like our money back, as would anyone in this situation, it's just so aggravating knowing that he is still flying around the country doing this and that there is not any more publicity about!

Country: USA   State: California   City: SAN FRANCISCO
Address: 633 POST STREET #2
Phone: 8664653768

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