Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company
I do not know at this time. predatory lending practices

It all started with Nationwide calling repeatly to ask about refinancing and that it would bring the interest down 2 points. This sounded good but after the girl set up this refinancing and it would only cost 200 to get this done. She took the money and when closing came they insisted that I have flood insurance, immediately I said that I could not gotten the financing from the VA if it was in a flood zone. she said that the flood map had changed recently and that I am in the flood zone. I then went to the land Manager for this countyand he stated in the letter to Nationwide the I am not oin a flood zone and we sent all the information to them to prove this. They did not accept this! They then started charging me for this. They first said that my payment would be 693.00 a month and I requested proof that this is the payment and they refused. I ask for the proof they had and no response. This has been going on for over a year and now they are really screwing me over ever since.They will not give what the payoff is and they refused to do this. Now they are sating thaT I owe 1400.00 plus. They.00 have never expalined why and I have asked repeatedly. So they stole 200.00 to begin with and now they insist on more? In a month and a half they went from 551.00 to 693.00. and then tried 795.00 all within this time span. Of course I did not and will not pay 795.00, they got the message and dropped this. they have still never sent me the information on how they arrived at this, even after repeated requests. they have screwed my credit over.

Offender: Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company
Country: USA   State: Iowa   City: Des moines
Address: 1100 Locust Street
Phone: 8003663442

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