Litigation Law Group
They claim they will lower your interest rate to 2 percent ,and get rid of or cut in half your second mortgage Anaheim, California

I originally received a letter in the mail claiming my mortgage you can be cut to 2 percent ...the original sales person that I spoke to was Paul Diaz, he claims that he could get my first mortgage cut to 2 percent in my second mortgage he claim that they could totally get rid of or have it cut in half..I was sold on this aspect especially with the second mortgage portion of this conversation. I sent 3000 dollars as payment to perform all these duties . I found myself doing a lot of the leg work in towards the end with my first mortgage company I found that I've had to be in direct contact with my first mortgage company to get anything accomplished .

I knew the terms of my first mortgage before the Law Group even contacted me I seem to do all the leg work in a took the credit for the first so when I asked questions about when will my second mortgage they told me I would need to meet the requirements of my first .which I already have perform I have sent several emails several phone calls with no response back I would like at least half my money back to say only perform half their duties ..even if you could call what they perform work duties I was in contact with my mortgage company more than they were I spoke to a mortgage consultant at my mortgage company and they help me to the whole process.

my first mortgage was modified to a30 year fixed I only moved about 1 percent lower than what my original mortgage was, this was after several phone calls to their company I felt I did all the legwork for this modification when I asked questions about my second mortgage I keep getting put off about it ..I was told I need to meet qualifications for my first mortgage which I have I have contacted them several times sent 5 emails to Paul and also another contact Nanette Manaloto....the last phone call I made they put me in touch with a Louis at extension 255 who hasn't returned my phone calls all I was looking for some kinda answer on what's going on with my second mortgage like I said before the only perform half your duties if you can call what they did duties

I would like at least half of my money back ,if you do sign up with this company be prepared for the telephone shuffle and be prepared to get very frustrated I was told by Paul that some of my emails were very unprofessional in very rude....but when you get the Royal run around you tend to write rude things unfortunate that was the only way I seem to get back in touch with these people.... I would like some kinda answer a resolution on my second mortgage to say refuse to answer my phone calls or my emails or several attempts at contacting anyone I am resorting to this message and posting be very wary of litigation law group

Offender: Litigation Law Group
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 505 S. Villa Real Drive, Suite 210
Phone: 18886555725

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