Bluebird by American Express

I went to the ATM at the Walmart tonight to get my money out and the thing printed a receipt saying Declined. Reason: Bank Unavailable. So I called the Customer service hotline, was told, yea, they were experiencing difficulties and updating the system. BUT two minutes later, I went to check my account and it said it approved my transaction. WHAT THE HELL? I loved this card because it had no fees, but this is the second time this month, systems have been experiencing problems and I was unable to get my freaking money I was trying to withdraw. Walmart couldnt give me the money because they didnt have a record in their system showing any transactions were made on that ATM atthat time. Even though I had the receipt, showing them my online account showing it was approved, I have NADA! Nothing! Zilch! My money is gone. I had to put it in dispute to get my money back. It will go into affect in two days. And then there is no guarantee that they can give me my money back. I have no money for my sons medicine. No money for my husband to put gas in his truck. No money to even buy toiletries that are necessary. If my dispute comes out in my favor or not, I will never use this card again. If anyone ever ask me about the card, I will tell them this story. And yes, you may find this online elsewhere too because I am going to make people aware that my money was stolen from

Bluebird, NOT Walmart. I just want my effing money back. Thats it. I want to pay bills and get my son his medicine.

Offender: Bluebird by American Express
Country: USA   State: All USA

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