Lead Consortium
Andy Ross, Pajama Man. Mr. Daytona, The Insurance Authority Dental and many other shell companies. Completely Lie To Agents About Commissions to be Earned

Have/had a well-spoken recruiter who answered rebuttals well. This is the new snake oil salesman. No faults can be found online or other areas because they have such generic company names that always change. They have professional answers to your questions. The old adage of seeing a used-car salesman from a mile away doesn't apply as much in this day and age. They just step up their game more with a white-collar image.

Make claims agents will earn at least $50k a year working ten hours a week. Any wise person may say that's bold and an exaggeration in this economy. They insist no because these are leads that have contacted them and they can't fulfill the demand for enrollments. However I have done insurance lines where the demand was there and the income claims were accurate. So I continued with caution.

Tons of material to learn. Tons of audio to listen to. Manager who contacted me after I went through countless hours of training was a fast-talking shady individual. He said forget working 10 hours. I need to put in 50 hours a week. I told him that wasn't what the recruiter told me. I told him I'd put in as much as possible but I was already angry because this was a gross misrepresentation.

Andy Ross, the owner does a motivational 1-2 hour telephone conference soliloquy along with his management followers everyday who include Valerie. He wants you to listen to it everyday. He is bull-headed in saying that $100-200k is where the income to be made is at. If it were true that would be one thing, but it's so off the mark it's laughable.

I decided to go full time (at least temporarily) because of all the time I invested, his claims and managements support of his claims.

Most prospects were flakes with no checking or credit card info, bottom of the barrel. Had to manually dial numbers, no where to write notes, cheap CRM system. Most leads were calling back an automated voice mail just to see who it was. That's who we were calling. Imagine skipping dinner and making callbacks just to get a hold of these individuals who are not good leads to begin with. Dialing these numbers all day and night long.

Those who did enroll would cancel or had insufficient funds. Lucky if you got 2 deals a day which came out to about $20-$35. And I'm familiar with this type of sale and can do well if it's even remotely genuine. But this was a gross rip-off of agents. $30 a day for full-time work comes out to $150-$180 a week. There is no way in hell to make $50k or the $200k he's bragging about. We could earn much more cleaning Burger King bathrooms.

Then Andy and his team's excuse is that you need to pay for a dialer to automatically dial calls for the agent. This was a couple hundred dollars a month and they want the agents to pay for it. They would not budge on this. We weren't even earning that much in commissions. Then they want us to pay for licensing in different states.

But the worst part is they were weeks late to pay us and that was after outrageous amounts of fighting for them to do so. These were deals that cleared with no charge backs. When you're not paid, and you're thinning out their crap leads so that they can earn from your hard work, they can cherry pick and close those deals themselves whether you continue to work for them or not. They're still making good money off you at no cost to them. Not a penny. And they probably earn up to five times more than our commission schedule (because they "provide leads") as well as residuals which we did not.

They have the audacity to say they don't like your attitude and tell you to leave because you don't want to work free of charge. This is after the tens of hundreds of hours of free labor and learning all the material. My check was so small that it would barely pay most Americans' utility bill for a month. Really scummy.

Steer clear of these clowns. It's all one big lie.

Offender: Lead Consortium
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas
Address: Las Vegas, Nevada
Site: www.thepajamamanschool.com

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