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This company started calling me on a debt I paid over two years ago. I asked for written documentation that I owed the debt and you would have thought I asked for their first born.

First, when I asked for the documentation and contact information I said I would contact them back after discussing the call with my fiance. The person who called me then proceeded (within 10 minutes of speaking with me) to leave voice mails to my mother and siblings blatantly pretending to be me ("Hey this is Lauren. I'm in trouble. It's an emergency. Please call me back!" AND "Lauren has been arrested for presenting bad checks and a warrant is being issued for you right now because you were a cosigner.").

I then called back to find out why they felt it was necessary to do that and the woman I was speaking to completely ignored my question and said the debt could be settled for a down payment right now. Again, I stated that I was not giving my financial information over the phone for a debt I have documentation as showing PAID. I hung up on her because it was an insult to my intelligence and time to continue this back and forth.

This was about four months ago. My lawyer advised me to not send or continue communication without documentation of the debt. I get a call two weeks ago saying that they were coming to my home and place of employment (good luck, I was laid off last year) to "serve me up for court". The woman stated that a lawsuit had been filed, that I was a no-show in court, and that my case had been ruled on and that now I owe all these crazy court fees. I told her, again, I wanted documentation.

NCS has yet to provide any documentation but continue to call my phone multiple times a day threatening a lawsuit (hey, I thought it was already ruled on? hmmm), threatening to contact my family and neighbors. I want to keep this short so I won't even list all the lies.

I will say this.... I have kept ALL of the phone messages and so has my family and you (NCS) WILL be hearing from my lawyer. You are unethical and have broken at least three laws in dealing with me. I encourage EVERYBODY to file a BBB report and FTC. This company has MANY complaints. Disgraceful. I feel bad for the people who have to call this a job.

Offender: National Credit Solutions
Country: USA   State: Oklahoma   City: Oklahoma City
Address: 3675 E I 240 Service Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73135
Phone: 4056193630

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