Heather Mickelson- Go Mobile Commerce
Go Mobile Commerce- Heather Mickelson This Company, Go Mobile and Founder- Heather Mickelson are horrible and try to screw you every way possible whether clients or employees

Go Mobile Commerce, and its founder, Heather Mickelson have been running their scams for a long time, and there is no end in sight.

They claim this and claim that, but the founder, Heather Mickelson, tells nothing but lies.

They lie to their employees and to their clients. They promise these great rates and deals until it's too late, and you are stuck in some agreement and not getting anything that they promised. They prey on the innocent and the ignorant.

The pretend to partner with clients and then they steal their ideas, customers and employees.

Heather Mickelson is always looking for a way to line her pockets and nothing more. The people she hires at the company are one in the same.

They are going to have some major issues on many levels once people start sharing their experiences, which sound like a broken record.

Whatever you do, please save yourself the trouble of working with or at Go Mobile Commere and Heather Mickelson. If you are foolish enough to engage with this founder or company. You will be leaving with your shirt on if you are lucky.

Offender: Heather Mickelson- Go Mobile Commerce
Country: USA   State: Washington   City: Tacoma
Address: 113 North Tacoma Avenue Tacoma, 98403
Phone: 2534686378
Site: www.GoMobileCommerce.com

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