DavenPort Capital Advisors
They will ask for you to sign a loan protection policy plan and you have to pay for the fees unfront which i paid $750.00 the first time and they come with an excuse for you to come up with more fees. North Carolina

They duped me out of 1,250.00 dollars. Spoke to a Lady named Michelle Walker at 18667875550 ext#346 and they will tell you before you can get the loan you have to sign up for the Load protection Policy Plan so i picked option 2 because they give you 3 options to pick from and option #2's plan is for $750.00. The next day she told me that i could not get the loan (which i applied for 10,000) because the bank said that because i was a new member and i never used them before i would have to pay for option #1 which you have to pay $1,250.00 , so now i had to come up with another $500.00 dollars. I came up with the extra $500 and let me just say they tell you that you would have to go to CVS, Walgreens or what not to get a Green Dot Money Pack cards and give that to them. You cannot use a a debit, check and so fourth. I think a red flag should of went up after that but than now as i have been trying to call Michelle she does not pick up the phone, they did something that when i call from my cell phone, house phone that it hangs up my phone. I have to call from different numbers to get Michelle's ext but she never answers now. Spoke to another girl Lous (whihc she said she was the manager) or something like that and they wanted 500 more dollars because now they are saying that i would have to pay brokeage fees so i told her to refund my money back and i have not rcvd anything. This place is a big time scam so hopefully they will get caught. Thank you for your time.

Offender: DavenPort Capital Advisors
Country: USA   State: North Carolina   City: Charlotte
Address: 201 South Tryson Street
Phone: 18667875550
Site: www.davenportcapadvisors.com

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