Santosh Manjrekar
Very Nice Homes Scam Artist Mortgage Bait and Switch Refinance Scumbag

Several weeks ago I placed an inquiry on Lending Tree to find a mortgage broker that could help me do a refinance on my property. Santosh Manjerkar called me back and explained to me how and why he was calling. At first he sounded very knowledgeable but began to get very pushy with me when i started asking questions about his services. I wanted to know how many points and fees he was charging and who would be servicing my loan.
Then he got very upset. I knew something was fishy about Santosh. So i asked him to provide me a good faith estimate of all the charges. He wrote everything up and emailed it to me.

Later that afternoon, I received and email from Santosh which showed no points no fees for the loan. I compared this to the three other GFEs i received and his seemed to be the best. My wife and I moved forward with the loan, even though he was very standoffish, cocky and arrogant.. About 2 weeks later we ended up getting loan documents. Everything looked correct accept for the cost of the loan. It seems he tried sneaking in a point on the front end and was collecting 2% on the back end. My neighbor told me he was getting a rebate from the lender. Santosh was making $3140.00 from the bank by having me sign loan documents with this particular lender. I think the total Santosh was making off of my loan was $6280.00!!! How did this loan go from a no points no fee loan to him making that kind of money???? I was furious!!!! I told Santosh i was not going to sign these loan documents and he need to drop everything and i am going with someone else. He got very upset and started calling us names in some foreign language. I immediately through him out of my house and told him if he ever came back i would kick him in the face.

After he left, i called the Colorado Department of Real Estate and filed a complaint against him. Apparently there are multiple bait and switch complaints against Santosh Manjrekar. Later that afternoon he called me back and told me my name cost him $150. After this whole experience, i realized the best way to get a mortgage loan is to go directly through your local bank. They offer all the same programs as these brokers without all the fees and headaches.

My wife and i are in the processes of starting over with our local Wells Fargo mortgage banker. We feel comfortable and happy with Wells Fargo. Dont make the same mistake as we did by wasting your time with this clown.

Offender: Santosh Manjrekar
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 3038824836

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