Wells FArgo dealer Finance
Traded in my car one week before payment was due. They new the car was traded in. Gave two pay off amounts over a period of 3 days. SInce they did not recieve pay off from deealer on the date

I traded in my SUV one week before due date on loan. Since the pay off from the new bank did not get to them in time, and they knew it was traded in, they started calling me daily saying they're going to repossess the new 2012 car I bought and they didn't finance it, they are going to repossess the old car from the dealer refuse them title and they come up with new charges to tack on A look on the web shows this pattern of abuse to be very common. They also started talking to 3rd party individuals about this, calling me deadbeat, again common tactic check the net under complaints. Imagine a bank saying they are going to steal a new car that they have no lien on and say it repeatedly along with the other mentioned items and more. They refuse to answer there phones. It is always the same person, Maria. I recommend anyone check the net under Wells Fargo Dealer Fiance Complaint. they refuse to tell you which office they are working out of, they call you names and are extremely rude. Since they know it was traded in before the due date, what is there problem and what's up with threatening to steel a new car which isn't there's?

Offender: Wells FArgo dealer Finance
Country: USA   State: California   City: Irvine
Address: PO box 19640
Site: www.wellsfargodealerservices.com/Dealers/AutoFinancing

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