JP Morgan Chase
Modifacation Loan

After a bad car accident in 2008, my neck was broken. I have had 4 surgeries to correct the problem. I wanted to do re-modify my mortgage. Iam now on 100% disability and currently recieveing food stamps. I also have gotten custody of 2 of my grandchildren. The person that I talked to told me that I didn't qualify because I wasn't behind at the time. They told me to get behind on my mortgage. Without notice they kicked it out because I didn't send the last page to my bank statement. It was blank. I started over. I got so far behind because they kept coming up with excuses. So they set up a repayment plan which added an additional 200.00 a month to my payment. My house is now in forcloser. I have the money to get it caught up but they wont take it. They are telling me that its up to their attorney and his fees now. All I want to do is get caught up and move on. Every time you call you get a different person and have to tell the story all over. Chase bank is taking my house and I have the money to pay the back notes. I wish one of those attorneys would start a class action suit against Chase. I would glady join in

Offender: JP Morgan Chase
Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Glendale
Address: 710 S. ash St. suit 200 Glendale CO

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