Custom Creative Services
James Shovak They charge you for a list of "specialized" credit resources for poor people or people with bad credit.

Custom Credit Services relies on desperate people to pay money for a list of "specialized" credit companies who will loan money or give out lines of credit to people with bad credit and limited incomes. Their claim? "The ONLY sources to help you get LOANS and LINES OF CREDIT."

To make it feel more legitimate, they have you fill out a questionnaire (which does not ask for your social security number which would put people on guard). Then they will "tabulate" your answers and come up with especially selected creditors who will help you. Unfortunately, the list can be pulled off the internet by anyone and for FREE.

Who's on the list? Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Spring leaf Financial, First Premiere Bank, One Main Financial, Household Finance - you get the picture. What bank in their right mind would give a loan or line of credit to someone who tells them they have little income and/or bad credit in this economy?

They'll tell you that they have testimonials - but how can you prove them true or not, there's no contact info. They say they have been in business for 17 years, but the website is only 4 years old. They also tout a guarantee, however, you have to apply to ALL the referrals and be turned down by them in order to ask for a refund. That means, every one of these agencies will pull your credit report and you will have a "ding" on your report for FIVE years. Then you have to submit all the turn-downs and ask for your money back within the 30 days that follow the list reveal.

Don't fall for it! No matter how desperate you are - not matter what they say - don't send them money! The guy who owns this website lives in a home worth $300,000 and has a sports car in the driveway along with another vehicle. That's $300,000 in THIS economy, not what the house was once worth. I pulled the tax records and check it out with a real estate company. This guy also says he's "retired" and spends his time playing pool in a pool club that meets at his house and for which he is Treasurer! He's living great off of your money - stop paying for his house, sports car and pool playing!

Why am I warning you? Because I fell for it. I was at a desperate place and would have been able to pay any loan and bettered my situation with a consolidation loan and a credit line. I thought myself educated and practical. But the query form asked the right questions without needing information about my checking or bank accounts or any numbers that are private and kept in my records.

Many people are in a terrible place right now. God forbid that you need money to bury a loved one or need a decent car to travel to the funeral in. And I wasn't looking for a new car loan! If you read this and shake your head, I'm with you. I feel absolutely stupid. But desperate people do desperate things, especially if they have no family to rely on or friends who live paycheck to paycheck as well. If this even saves one person or family for falling for this - I'm satisfied.

Offender: Custom Creative Services
Country: USA   State: New York   City: East Islip
Address: 58 Hawthorne Ave
Phone: 5162386193

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