The Cash Store
Preying on the young, less intelligent, and the working poor, the leeches at the Cash Store are the lowest, slimiest life forms known to

After many warnings my mentally challenged grandson went behind my back to the cash store. They suckered him into borrowing $300.00 on an un-secured loan. They knew my grandson didn't have a job. He was working through a temp service a day here and a day there. They miss led him about the finance charges. They did tell him the interest rate was 500%APR but they told him that he wouldn't have to pay that much. My grandson didn't understand any of this financial talk, he only saw the money they handed him. Anyone who would have looked at my grandsons face would have known this and would not have gave him the money. But these leeches at the cash store will take advantage of any one. I found out about this loan three weeks later. Remember he borrowed $300 three weeks ago, he made two weekly payments of $70. I went in to pay the loan off. I asked for the pay off amount and they told me $376.28. So in 3 weeks time the finance charge was $216.28. I told them what crooks they were and pulled out my check book to pay these low lifes off. I was told personal checks were not accepted. They also would not accept my Visa check card or credit cards. Only a certified check or a debit card. They obviously want to make it as hard as possible to make payments so they can charge more interest. Stay away from these scum bags. These places should be shut down forever. It's criminal what they do.

Offender: The Cash Store
Country: USA   State: Wisconsin   City: Fort Atkinson
Address: Madison Avenue

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