Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
Rip off Mortgage Servicer of the Yea

I am in Colorado, but would LOVE to be a part of a class action against Ocwen. We had tried to modify our loan in October because I was 2 payments behind on mortgage. I had sent in my payment to get the loan caught up, and they sent it back because they said their policy is to refuse payments after 79 days past due. They recieved it on day 83. This would have made the account completely current, had they accepted it. And, I reviewed their website, as well as my original loan documents for this 'policy', and found nothing. Needless to say, every time I sent in the paperwork they requested, they would send back a letter saying something was missing or illegible. They also had a phone number that was not even mine in their contact info, so when I was supposed to have my appointments to talk with my modification manager, no one would call, and I would have to set up another appointment. We changed the number with them 4 times before we finally started getting call backs for the appointments. Then, when they did call back, they would tell me that either I needed to send in more paperwork, they didn't get my email, or send something again because they couldn't read it. Then, in January, after they claimed they had everything (I recorded their reps), I received a letter stating that they needed EVERYTHING all over again. When I called customer service, they said my information was over 90 days old, and they had to have current documents! My forclosure date was 3/28/2012. Even though this was the only negative report on my credit, I was forced to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy because I was not about to let them forclose on the house I worked so hard for, and put my family of 11 out on the street. Now, even though I've filed for bankruptcy, Ocwen has now sent me a letter saying that they've raised my escrow another $80 per month! According to my attorney, Ocwen does not have the right to raise my payment for any reason for the duration of the bankruptcy term. I would love to take these people to court for bad lending practices. Count me in on anything I can get in on...

Offender: Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Site: www.ocwencustomers.com

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