TWX Magazines/Synapse Group, Inc
CT Attorney General needs to step in/BBB fails consumers

My bank account was accessed by TWX Magazines after I declined a magazine offer. How they gained access to my debit card is a mystery to me but I'm determined to find out how it happened. I'm a freelance writer and this has given me fodder for a story and to help myself and others protect their accounts better in the future. I declined the offer for magazines in 2010, noticed account charges in 2011. I contacted TWX via their automated telephone system.

The magazines kept coming after I moved to another state. I noticed charges again this year and went to huge strides to stop the subscriptions including the automated phone number listed on my account statement for TWX Magazines. I learned from a blogger making complaint about TWX Mag the phone number and name of a CT based company that is an alias busines name for TWX: Synopse Group Inc in Stamford, CT. I called Synapse at 800-586-2710 and asked to speak to a manager.

I wanted to be assured that this year's effort to stop the magazine subscription and access to my account by TWX Magazines would be made clear to Mr. X from Synapse Group. I was told that a 3rd party was involved but was refused the name of the 3rd party. I wrote a letter to CT Better Business Bureau who has given Synapse an A rating as a business and made complaint and requested an investigation into who the 3rd party is, how TWX and Synapse Group obtained my bank account numbers, and why the magazines have not stopped coming to my new address in another state after numerous attempts to cancel and to be refunded.

I was "accused" of not responding to a card offering magazines. My failure to respond to the cards sent to my personal mailing address would result in subscribing to the magazines? The investigation should find out how they got my PO Box in another state, and how they obtained my personal bank card numbers authorizing withdrawal of money from my checking account for a product I never asked for, nor authorized in any way. I want the facts: how, who, what, when, and why?

The state of CT and its BBB owes me an explanation about one of their A rated businesses with a mailing address of 225 Hight Ridge Road, East Building, Stamford, CT. The State of Connecticut benefits from profits made by TWX and Synopse Group, Inc. The state of CT's Attorney General is as guilty as the company for letting credit card theft and fraudulent business practices to continue for so long. The AG is my next targetted office for making complaint...perhaps with an attorney this time.

Offender: TWX Magazines/Synapse Group, Inc
Country: USA   State: Connecticut   City: Stamford
Address: 225 High Ridge Rd East Building
Phone: 8005862710

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