Capital One
Deceptive Collection Practice and Fraudelent Credit Reporting

My husband and I both had Capital One Credit Cards that were charged off by Capital One. Each were in are own names separately not joint. Capital One remained ownership of both accounts after charge off but hired collectors to collect the debts. My husband card's fell behind before our marriage which I was unaware.

Right after we got married I became pregnant with a high risk pregnancy. We almost lost our son several times, he spent several weeks in Children's Hospital. I was unable to work for a portion of my pregnancy and we had a lot of medical bills. We fell behind on some of our debts and was not able to pay off my husband Capital One as planned.

In the meantime the 500 dollar balance on my card ballooned to nearly 2000 dollars. After our financial situation improved. I emailed the CEO of Capital One explaining our situation and asked for a settlement. I worked with James in the executive department to negotiate a settlement of 900 dollars paid in increments of 100 per month until paid in full.

I have the letter regarding settlement from both Capital One and the collection law firm they hired to collect. I also have proof that all payments were made timely because I paid from my banks online bill payment and the last payment was made with a USPS money order and sent registered mail. The last payment was made February 28 and as of today April 27, 2012 Capital One has still not updated my credit report. I never received a letter stated the settlement had been fulfilled either.

As far as my husband's account we accepted Northland Group's proposed settlement of 434.76 on my husband's credit card 3/9/2012 which had less than 300 dollar balance when charged off. I have forms of confirmation from Northland because I accepted settlement via their website. I also have an email confirming settlement and stating we would receive a settlement letter within 30 days. We have never received a settlement letter. Also, my husband's account has not been update to a satisfied status either.

I disputed the account with Experian and the account was updated to the balance minus the settlement payment. There is no record of the payment on his credit report and the account has updated to Charge-off or Key derogatory every month since the payment was made. This is actually made his score worse. I contacted the Ohio Attorney General who state they forwarded the information to the OCC who then forwarded to CFPB.

I also filed a complaint with the BBB asking the account to be removed due to the damage it was inflicting. The representative stated that Capital One was bound to report true and accurate information to the Credit Bureaus so they could not delete but that I would have to check back in June to see if my husband's report had update.

Yes, we fell behind on our debts due to unfortunate financial situations not out of overspending. We have made drastic changes as a household to fix our financial issues even going as far as selling our late model cars and purchasing older lest costly 1990's models. We both wanted to do the right thing by our creditors and now feel frustrated and deceived. I do not think someone should be further punished by paying off their debts. The actions that have been taken have actually been more harmful then if we would have not paid anything at all which is truly unfortunate.

I have extensive documentation to support all of this and would be glad to produce this. This reporting is obviously in violation of our rights under the FCRA.

Offender: Capital One
Country: USA   State: Utah   City: Salt Lake City
Address: PO Box 30285
Phone: 18009557070

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