Consumer Recovery Associates CRA Harassment, Illegal Collection Methods, Settlement

Consumer Recover Associates called me several times in December of 2011 regarding a debt I allegedly owed. When I asked for written confirmation, the caller stated I would go to jail and I would lose my job.I Advised him that as a Lawyer I was aware of the FDCPA and he was violating federal law. He hung up. I called back and spoke with Kalin Scott, who is allegedly a manager. Mr. Scott attempted to tell me what the law here in Texas states regarding not paying bills. He then threatened arrest and stated he would notify my local police department that I refused to pay a debt. I told him again, his threats are illegal. Well, the idiot actually sent an email to my local police department ( I am a former police officer) and they provided me a copy of what he sent, and of course he copied the email to me.

Long story short, I retained a lawyer who is familiar with this company and their tactics. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The lawyer was able to settle my case and receive $8500.00 from CRA for their illegal tactics. If you do decide to get a lawyer and go after CRA, it seems like they are willing to settle. I have not dropped my FTC complaint, however, I have yet to hear from them. If you use a lawyer, beware of Geoffrey Baskerville in Philadelphia Pennsyvania. I had to file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Bar against him in that his contract states any settlement would be split 60/40 with me getting the 60%.. He received the settlement check and stated I would only get $1000 and he would take the remaining $7500 as his fees. I told him I would not agree to that and he was violating his own contract. He allegedly sent me the $1000. today. I will take the $1000 and proceed with my complaint against him and seek my 60% of the recovery as his contracts states. I filed a complaint for his charging an "uncscionable fee" and also that he did not negotiate as my advocate, but negotiated as an advocate for himself so he could attempt to collect more fees.

Offender: CRA
Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Virginia Beach
Address: 000 Virginia Pkwy. "

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