Don Troiano
Don Thomas Troiano Scammer, Thief, Fake internet posts, Child Moleste

Don Troiano waxes extatic about what a brilliant businessman he is. The only thing great about him is his delusional ego and his ability to lie and scam people out of thier hard earned money.

If he was this genius then why is he broke and in foreclosure? And why is he a child molester?


Run a searchon his name anywhere one the Internet to read up on who Don Troiano is, he one of the creepiest trolls on the Internet and on the streets of Danbury, CT. He is also a PEDOPHILE and an internet stalker of underage girls in Danbury, CT. Lots of people are now talking about the fact that he has been enlisting the services of Danburys
most notorious prostitute, a transvestite named Shawn. DON TROIANO TRANSVESTITE PROSTITUTE customer.

Don Troiano has stalked one girl across 3 states before the poor girl could escape him.

Offender: Don Troiano
Country: USA   State: Connecticut   City: Danbury
Address: 80 Haviland Road

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