Just plain crooks ,loan sharks

Like everyone else that ever delt with this company after option one went under,I have had nothin but problems with this company.it all started after I tried to refinance my loan to a fixed rate which i was promised when i first recieved my loan from option one. My taxes were to be included and homeowners also a year after recieving the loan i got a bill from the county for my taxes.then in 2006 i started dealing with ahmsi or india home mortgage incorp.kept sending in paperwork would call and they said not to pay on the mortgage so it would look as if i was going through financial hardship which would help me qualify for a refinance. I sent in a total of three sents of papers all by certified mail before they finally said they got them.mhap.hope.hamp they said i didnt qualify.but they wouldn.t tell me why.

Next thing i was recieving foreclosure notices.i called and the told me i owed 32000 dollars or they would foreclose. That was in 2009 I was able to make two payments to pay off that and started making my regular payments started another modification process which was a 5 or 6 month trail period. the next thing i know iwas gettin letter saying the didnt recieve payment for the last to months which i did make but the didnt apply to my mortgage.so then i contacted them and the said now i owed them 13000 in late fees and filing fees cause they were forclosin on me again this was exactly one year later after the last episode.

i finally had enough and started reseachin this company and what an eye opener and all along i though i was the only one.i contacted a forensic background check company and an attorney last year. I am still in my house but i dont know for how long,the money is about to run out.H as anybody had any luck against these theives


Offender: AHMSI
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Dallas
Address: Dallas.texas

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