Xenex, Winston Sylvester
Cheat, Lie, Manipulate, two-faced, Hypocritical, Back stabing you know what

If your thinking about doing business with Xenex.. dont! I was a sales rep for Xenex and worked hard every day trying to make a living for me and my family. For those reading this report who are unfamiliar to credit card processing let me explain briefly how it works.. When i set up a business or company to except credit cards i get paid monthly income, called residual pay. After working with Xenex for 18 months the president of the company 'Winston Sylvester' decides to pull my (and many others) monthly pay due to reasons unknown. Winston is a crook! This man only cares about his high class lifestyle! Huge homes and quarter million dollar cars while his company is failing! Typical CEO who cashes in all his chips and runs for high hills! Meanwhile me and many other hard working reps in the company are forced to fend for ourselves!

To all out there... please dont do business with this man! I now have almost zero income and cant feed my family! I will also add the customer service of this business sucks! My clients.. and I couldnt get anywhere, or any help if any of us need it! As a person who tries to make an honest living im now flushed out. Note to all.. Stay clear of this man and this company!

Offender: Xenex, Winston Sylvester
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Cedarhurst
Address: 455 Centeral Ave

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